Tim Inge (sausagetree) wrote in trackers,
Tim Inge

here's to the art of tracking

Hello. I just found this community. I wish it were more lively, but maybe it will be in the future. Anyway, glad to be here.

I've am fairly new to the tracking world. The only things I've completed so far are this and this as a wedding present for a friend of mine, and the soundtrack for this video game (which my brother-in-law and I made for a video game contest a few weeks ago). I plan to expand my repertoir soon enough.

Anyway, I'm a Modplug man, and I've been tempted to switch to a higher tech tracker such as Madtracker or Renoise, but I'm having a hard time making the switch and they seem too complicated to make the extra bells and whistles worth while. 

So has anyone here gone from a simple tracker to one of these, struggled through the difficulties, and were glad of it in the end? If so, how did you learn to use the new tracker (I found the tutorials to be unhelpful)?


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