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WD restricts sharing of certain module files

So I was perusing the online tabloid trash for techies known as The Inquirer, and found this article about how Western Digital's My Book World Edition, a NAS system with TCP-IP access, restricts certain file extensions from being shared through its "anywhere access" mode, because of "unverifiable media license authentication". here's the list.

My jaw dropped when I saw:

IT Impulse Tracker
ITZ Impulse Tracker

Excuse me? Impulse Tracker mods are licensed media all of a sudden? Um, okay, I guess you could take an mp3, chop it up into 10 or 20 samples, and make an .it, but please, there is no cd-to-.it warez scene.

It gets more bizarre. XM (Fast Tracker 2) is NOT on the list. Nor are most other common module formats. But, some VERY obscure formats, such as FAR, OKT, and PTM, are. So why were they added? Possibly because the people who added them had NO idea what module files are?

And, of course, anyone with half a brain could simply ZIP up whatever files they want to share, but anyway..

It makes me wonder if the RIAA is going after MODArchive and ftp.modland.com.. I'm sure they've hit ftp.scene.org, since it has MP3 files, looking for license royalties.
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